Would you like to Transform at an accelerated pace, and work with Christy one-on-one over an extended period of time?  This Package include 5 Accelerated Transformational Healing Sessions scheduled over a 3-4 month period.  Christy doesn't offer this type of healing as an option for a single session, as it requires a series of special, strategic Healings only offered in this package.

 Christy will additionally provide two 60 minute Intuitive Coaching phone consultations that can be used anytime during the 3-4 month timeframe. You can also choose to split them up to four 30 minute Intuitive Coaching sessions if you wish.  

Christy will be supporting you and holding space energetically throughout your Healing, and will be available to answer any questions via email during that time.

This service package is excellent for those who:

  • Are looking to dramatically increase their connection to their intuition as quickly as possible
  • Are Healers or Practitioners that are looking to take their practice to the next level.
  • Are Professionals desiring a Shift in their Abundance and/or greater Impact in their Profession and Life
  • Have chronic dis-ease that they are looking to Heal at a deep level 
  • Are looking to Heal Addiction (food, smoking, alcohol, etc.)

If a person is looking for Transformational change in their life, this package will do just that.

Christy offers a limited amount of Packages each year.  If you are ready to Invest in Yourself, please contact Christy at to check availability and schedule your free consultation.