As a High Vibration Energy Healer, I am passionate about providing deep healing and transformation to my clients.  Helping others to raise their vibration is a passion of mine.  I find myself daily giving advice to others on what they can do to raise their vibration, and thus ensure that their energy healing sessions are of the most benefit to them.  Raising your vibration may sound complex, but trust me – it is simple!!! 

Let me start by talking about vibration and our bodies.  Grade school science teaches us that everything vibrates, and everything in the universe has a frequency, living and non-living.  Science has proven that electrons are always moving and vibrating.  This includes the human body.  Within the human body are emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies that also vibrate at higher levels.  If you are living a life in a low vibration, it is scientifically proven that you are more prone to disease, cancer, and a whole host of problems. 


In the book, The Body Electric, Dr. Robert O. Becker M.D explains that a person's health can be determined by the frequency of the person's body.  There is also research that indicates that the daytime frequency of a healthy human body vibrates in the range of 62 to 68 MHz.  Multiple places on the web reference studies conducted in 1992 by Tainio Technology.  Tainio and colleagues determined that when a person’s frequency drops below the optimum healthy range, the immune system is compromised.  Findings supported by this research indicate that:

  • Human cells can start to change (mutate) when their frequency drops below 62 MHz.
  • 58 MHz is the frequency of your body when you have a cold or the flu.
  • 55MHz is when Candida is present within your body.
  • 52MHz is the frequency of a body with Epstein-Barr virus present.
  • 42 MHz is the frequency of a body wherein cancer can appear.
  • 20 MHz is when the death process starts to begin.

Are these frequencies in Tainio’s study completely accurate?  I’m not sure.   But what I have been intuitively shown and witnessed is that vibration does make an impact on the health and vitality of individuals.   Personally I can’t think of any reason not to do everything I can to raise my vibration, and to help others to raise theirs!!





Quit the Gossip Quote

If you find yourself gossiping, complaining, or being negative then STOP NOW!!!  This is one of the fastest ways to lower your vibration.  If that’s all your friends talk about, then find new friends (okay that sounds a little harsh, but I’m being serious).  Seek out friends that raise your vibration, not bring it down - you’ll be happier in the long run.



Being that I am a High Vibration Energy Healer, I am very passionate about the benefits this provides.  Energy healing does more than just raise your vibration - it raises your consciousness.  Many people are carrying old self-limiting beliefs, hurts, relationships, etc. that are keeping them at a lower vibration.  With Energy Healing one is able to experience deep emotion and spiritual release of that which no longer serves them.  By releasing all the dense emotional/spiritual /mental blockages you are able to vibrate at a higher frequency.  It’s not uncommon for people to feel lighter when they are complete with a session, and for dramatic changes and shifts to happen in their life.  I’ve witnessed many miracles, and have come to expect miracles on a daily basis with the work that I am blessed to do.



Everybody deserves a massage.  Massage helps to release toxins from our body that may keep us from reaching higher vibrations.  It stimulates your lymphatic system, which enhances your immunity.  Massage brings oxygen into your tissues, improving circulation.   It relaxes you, and makes you feel uplifted and great.  If you have never had a massage, go out and get one!  If you have had one before, make it part of your health routine – You are worth it!  Ask your massage therapist to add some essential oils to their lotion, and look out – you’re in for a new you!



Healthy Food Quote

Since everything vibrates, food has a vibration as well.  Some foods vibrate at high energy (organic blueberries, fresh organic vegetables), and some foods don’t vibrate at all (Big Macs, fast food, and processed/canned food).  When we eat fresh local organic food, we are not only supporting local farmers, but we are also ensuring our vibrations stay high.  When food is prepared yourself with love and good intention, you are also bringing life force (prahna) into your body, which brings your vibration up as well.  Pay attention to how you feel when you eat certain food, and adjust accordingly.



It’s no secret - our bodies are made up of mostly water.  Drink plenty of water (filtered or natural water) to assist your body in staying hydrated and to flush out toxicity day to day.  If you have high toxicity it will negatively affect your vibration.



Gratitude Quote

The first thing I do in the morning before my feet hit the floor is say “Thank you”.  Thank you to my beautiful body for all it has done and will do for me.  Thank you for the beautiful joyful day that I will have.  Thank you to God/Creator for the blessings in my life.  Have Gratitude for the great day you will have, and then watch it happen!



Connect with Nature Quote

Nature is a healer.  Being outside, spending time in nature, breathing in the fresh air.  Nature works wonders for you – in ways that you can’t even begin to imagine.  Nature looks good on you!



There is so much negativity and fear in the news today, take a break from it!  I’m giving you permission.  Let’s start with taking a week off without the news and drama.  What will you do with all your time?  Finally read that book you’ve been thinking about.  Get outside.  You will find you have so much time to do the things that feed your soul. 



Meditation Present Moment Quote

I can’t say enough about the importance of meditation.  People often ask me how they can connect with their guides, receive guidance themselves, or increase their intuition.  My first response is always Meditation.  Meditation is when you silence your mind, and listen.  You leave all the worry and “monkey-mind” behind, and all that is left is your consciousness.  Just 10 minutes a day is enough to notice a positive change in your vibration.  The best part is that meditation is free, and you can benefit from it almost immediately!  Stay tuned for future Blogs on Meditation! 



Get out and move!!!  I’m not saying that you have to be Mr. or Mrs. Fitness to reap the benefits.  Go for a walk, take a bike ride, or go on a hike.  Or check out that new Yoga studio in town.  Anything that gets your body moving and air circulating is a huge benefit to you.



Did you know that there are studies that show that the majority of weight loss occurs ‘via breathing’?  How cool is that?  We can raise our vibration and lose a few pounds at the same time!  Sign me up!  When you have anxiety or something bothering you, I recommend breathing in the mouth and out the mouth.  When you breathe in the nose and out the mouth you are circulating the energy, but when you breathe in the mouth and out the mouth you are releasing that energy.  Give it a try and let me know how you feel!



Organic Products Quote

Never put anything on your body that you wouldn’t eat!  Your skin is your largest organ, and your body soaks up everything that you put on it.  Everything you put on your skin is being absorbed.  I think it’s safe to say that pretty much every product that we can buy at department stores today is chocked full of preservatives and chemicals – from deodorant to toothpaste.   Being consciously aware of what you’re putting on your body is as important as what you put in your body.  By choosing Organic/Chemical free whenever you can, or even making them yourself, you are keeping your body vibration high.



Declutter quote

Have you ever read the book “Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life”?  Having clutter around our house, office, car, etc. is like having strings of attachment on your body. One of the best ways to start raising your vibration is to get rid of all the “things” in your life that you don’t need.   Energetically when you lighten your load around you, it reduces the amount of excess things that you are “stuck” to.  You will be amazed at how good you feel after you clean out the old.  Your space at home and work is a great mirror of yourself, and who doesn’t want to be “lighter” and cleaner? 


In Summary

Remember that like attracts like, so your vibration impacts all areas of your life in some way.  When at a low vibration, you may find that relationships with others are struggling, or that your health is suffering.  By raising your vibration, you are likely to attract other high vibrating positive people in your life and you will feel better.  Things will start shifting in your life.  You will realize you have more energy than you’ve ever had, and opportunities will seem to fall in your lap.

Shine Bright Quote