When I didn't know who I was I let everything bother me - every comment, snide remark, or belittlement.  Now looking back I realize it was a blessing.  I have been intuitively shown both for myself and when working with others, that those events were streaming into reality so that Healing could happen at a deeper level. We are co-creating our lives after all.    

It can be easy to play the victim, but if we take the time to recognize that something needs healed, we spend a lot less time worrying about what people think and a lot more time enjoying this crazy ride of life. 

How can you start to unravel what needs healed within yourself and push past the victim mentality?  I recommend having a "Victim Journal".  Sounds funny, I know, but hear me out.  Every time your feelings get hurt and you feel like a victim - WRITE IT DOWN.  Then LET IT GO.  

At your next meditation session open your Victim Journal and read what bothered you.  Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does it still bother me, or do I see it from a different perspective now? 
  • What about it caused me pain?  
  • Does it bring back past unlocked memories that need to be released?

As you start to discern and learn how you are reacting to what is going on around you, you will notice patterns emerging.  You may start to see how you are unconsciously reacting to events that you don't even realize.

Try this for a month and let me know how you feel.  What have you learned about yourself, and what are you attracting in your life?  

Christy AuBuchonComment