I went for a walk yesterday, and I got about a half mile down the road and remembered that I was wanting to bring a bag to pick up trash that people threw out, which I will never understand why people feel they can trash Mother Earth like that. I was kinda disappointed in myself that I had forgotten to bring that bag but I let it go.  Well, I'm not joking when I tell you that 20 feet up the road there was a plastic bag (thanks Spirit!).  So I pick it up and proceed down the road.  As I'm walking the bag is getting more and more full until I can't fit anything else in it.  Then what do I find?  Another plastic bag!  So I start picking up more trash as I'm walking.  Pretty soon I'm three bags full and one cardboard box and it's getting full.  

The whole walk I'm contemplating life and the issues in the world.  As I get closer to my house I say to myself "Wow this is getting really heavy!"  

Then Spirit says "When you get home, throw it away.  You don't have to carry it around all day."

How true is that?  What a metaphor for life!  We want to help others, and we tend pick up, analyze, and hold onto their problems.   We forget the simple notion that we need not judge, and to just "let it go".  

We don't have to carry the worlds trash around with us all the time!  It's a blessing how something so simple as picking up trash can teach such a beautiful lesson.

Christy AuBuchonComment