Starting a Spiritual Blog

In today's world, I find it wonderful that anyone anywhere can buy a domain, pay a little money for web hosting, and start writing about ANYTHING they want to!  It's magical and beautiful, but to be honest - it can be a little scary.  There are reasons to do it, though, and I encourage you to follow your intuition if it is telling you to spread your light and message into the world!

When you decide to start a blog, especially when it comes to a Spiritual one, it can be terrifying!  Trust me, I know!  When I first decided to start a blog, I didn't have a clue why!  But, I had TONS of wonderful ideas and topics flooding in as fast as I could type.  I just KNEW that this inspiration was coming forward as a way to inspire others.  Life happens though, the mind plays tricks, things don’t happen the way you think they would, and getting consistent fresh new content out can be stressful.  

For example, to date I haven written at least 50 blogs that continue to set in my "drafts" folder, patiently awaiting the day that I hit "Post".  I have found that it is very easy to start writing, then stop, then go back and tweak, then decide that no one is interested, second guess myself, and so on.  It can be exhausting and energy draining... which is why I will often put my computer away and swear to never write again.  Not to worry though - the creative inspiration comes back around.  Then I find myself in the same cycle Again. And. Again.  

I know what your asking... why chose to write blogs then?  Well, I find that there are positive sides:

  • It's like journaling, only everyone else can read your thoughts.  Once again, a little scary, but also liberating.
  • It allows you to articulate in a manner other than speaking to your dogs on the couch (not that I have ever done that.  Okay, MAYBE just once or twice).
  • Some people are honestly interested in what you have to say, and can relate to many things going on in your life. 


Now, in the nature of being honest - the other side... 

  • You will write something that you are very very proud of - that you spent weeks writing and perfecting.  You will excitedly open your analytics page ready to see all the people that you have inspired - and see that only 2 people read it (one of them being your Mom - thanks Mom for always supporting me!).  Yep, it happens. 
  • You will look back at old blogs many months later, and not agree with ANYTHING that you wrote.  Maybe some other person wrote those blogs, or maybe some internet gremlin rearranged your words to make you sound completely different??  OR, what believe - is that you have just changed that much - which is amazing!

All that being said, and all jokes aside, I think blogging is a wonderful way to co-create beautiful messages into the world.  It's a way to express your thoughts and inspiration. 

There are many places to draw your inspiration from.  Automatic writing, for example, is a wonderful way to let your intuition work for you.  Put yourself in a meditative space, and let the words flow onto paper.  Don’t be concerned about what you are writing, or try to make sense of it.  When you are done, review it and use your intuition to interpret your subconscious thoughts or messages from Spirit.   Allow the Universe to speak through you, and see what messages await. It’s a great spiritual tool to try out and a way to practice using your intuition!  

Ultimately, if you are thinking about writing, or have ever doubted what you write, remember this - If only one person reads what you have to say, and it makes even a small difference in their life, then it was worth every second you spent writing it.