The Truth of a Spiritual Path

I've been in a void, or an "abyss" one could say, for many months now.  I was struggling on what to write and how to bring forward positivity to help others.  

Being that I live in the "Heart" of America, I am very in tune with the energies, almost to where it can become unbearable at times.  I pick up on the Collective Consciousness all the time, and do my work silently to help transmute the energy.  This morning I woke up and was mad.  I am not where I had envisioned myself to be at this point in my life, and I was literally pissed.  I was picking up the collective energies.  Then I stepped back and decided that this time instead of transmuting this energy and moving on, I need to start taking people on this journey with me.  How else are people going to learn and grow and understand what is going on around us? 

Any spiritual teacher who tells you that this illusionary reality we call life is easy - is a liar.  They are delusional.  The path of someone who desires to Raise their Consciousness and Heal is tough.  There is an illusion in America that the spiritual path is all rainbows and unicorns (something I was swept up in starting out).  

The life of a spiritual truth seeker isnt a path for the weak.  So on this Monday morning as all the Spiritual Warriors out there are wondering why they feel off center, maybe a little unhappy, etc. - You are not alone!  

It's a Monday morning and the energies we are feeling are very common in America.  People are going to their jobs that they hate, are coming down from their druken party high from the weekend, and are in a generally depressed state.

So how do we transmute these energies and move on throughout our day?  Well, today we are going to try this.  I want everyone to put your hands on your heart and breathe.  Envision that energy that you are feeling is being transmuted into the light.  Release the hold it has on you.  

Being that you are vibrationally open (which you are if you are reading this) you are going to pick up on these energies.  It is part of the path of people who have worked to and desire to raise their vibration and consciousness.  It's part of the "job" you could say.  

I know you probably didn't sign up for this part of the rainbow and unicorn path, but congratulations - and thank you for doing your part in Raising the Collective Consciousness!