Signs From Spirit

There are two powerful constants that play a large role in everyone’s life:

  1. There are MANY things in life that are difficult to comprehend. The stress of modern-day living can sometimes be overwhelming, and at times may seem to go against everything that a person understands about the way things are supposed to work in the world.

  2. The entire physical realm is brought into reality by a powerful spiritual realm. Everything that happens in the physical world has a multidimensional, energetic spiritual thrust that is bringing it into reality and balance.

Scientists will tell you that it is very difficult for physical objects to display traits that go beyond their own compositions. In a similar way, it is very difficult for the physical world to reveal truths to people beyond what it was designed to do.  To tap into this Truth, one has to be willing to go beyond conditioned reality, and be open to experience what lies beyond. 

When people look for answers to real problems, they should not only consider what is physical, but look further beyond to reveal the Truth.  Trust me when I say that we are BLESSED with the assistance of a very present and powerful spiritual realm, and people CAN overcome difficulties with the aid of Spirit.  But, in order to gain the benefit of these insights, people must be open to many different types of communion with the spiritual world.


Types of Spiritual Help

Almost every culture in history recognized that knowledge and wisdom is a combination of free will, and the interplay between physical and spiritual realms. Simply stated - since the dawn of time, the wisest people relied on information communicated to them from multiple sources. They understood that humanity has the ability to hear and act on guided communication from non-physical places.  They honored their Ancestors and Spirit to bring balance and knowledge into life.

In my experience, when a person is transfigured by passing into the spirit world, they simply transition into another state of being. They remain active, and may constantly be engaged in communicating with people who have not crossed temporal boundaries. In short, those spirits who have achieved spiritual elevation are always communicating.

Spirit messages can be relayed in many forms. Many people feel a strong and passionate urge to follow certain thoughts (following their gut). Other people are presented with unique instances of synchronicity that can only be explained through ethereal means. Some people are even visited regularly by images and sights that do not coincide with a purely physical view of life. These things can be explained by elements of the spiritual world trying desperately to connect with individuals in the here and now.

There are consistently experienced common signs that people report, as they are fairly easy for Spirit to communicate with.  These include, but are not limited to:

  1. Feathers - Feathers have been said to be left by Angels, passed loved ones, or your Spirit Animal Guides.  Being that the animal spirit world works closely with us, it is fairly easy for them to leave these subtle signs in your path.

  2. Coins - Metal is a conductor of energy, thus it is very easy for Spirit to manipulate and leave them for you to find. For example, If you continue to see pennies everytime you ask for a sign from your late Grandmother, trust that this is her way of communicating.

  3. Phone / Doorbell / Radio signs - Do you get into your car and hear that special song that your late Aunt always played?  Does your phone ring one ring when you are thinking of your late Mother?  These are simple and easy ways for Spirit to get your attention and let you know that they are around.


Understanding Spirit Signs

When a soul or Spirit Animal Guide is trying to get an individual's attention, many things can be lost in translation. I believe that everyone is equipped to recognize spiritual messages, but the stress of daily life and beliefs can put up a communication wall. 

A person who is gifted as a Medium has learned to let down these walls. They are conditioned to hear spiritual messages clearly, and versed in how to translate them to others. Every person has a unique set of spiritual voices that are reaching out to them, yet few can understand them with a degree of clarity.

If you feel that elements beyond the ordinary are acting on and within your life, it is incredibly beneficial to seek the help of a Medium. Your Spirit Guides have priceless information about your importance in the Universe, and they work to guide and deliver you their knowledge. Partner with an experienced Medium who can interpret these messages in a way that will benefit you the most. Don’t ignore those “small voices” that seem to know you the best. Seek understanding where knowledge is born. Listen beyond this world!

Christy AuBuchon2 Comments