Ahhh, love life!  What everyone wants answers on.  Popular question(s) are: Should I stay with him?  Is he the one?  What do my guides say?  Is there someone else out there better for me?  

I always relay the message as I receive it, but the person isn't always ready to accept the answer.  So, being that I wish to empower others to find the truth within themselves, I feel it's important to give some actionable advice on this topic.  I find that people can relate to other's experiences, so I'm going to tell you a true story about myself.  

I was in a long term relationship with a person we will call "Bob".  It wasn't perfect by all means, but I thought it was decent.  I had invested a lot of time and energy with this person, but I was starting to get this nagging feeling that something wasn't right.  I would pray and meditate on him, and the answer I would always get was "you are not to be with him." 

So did I listen to my intuition?  Well, yes... but I questioned it.  I would give excuses to myself such as, "Well, maybe I heard it wrong".  My ego mind would come in strong with all sorts of reasons that I should stay with him, like "He is handsome; He's such a good catch; I don't want anyone else to have him." Ugh, what's a woman to do???

So I finally decided it was time for some help.  I sat down in meditation and said, "If this relationship is for my highest good please let it be healed.  If this relationship is to end, please shut the door as lovingly and quickly as possible."

What happened next you ask?  A few days later I was on the phone with Bob.  Being empathic I knew that something was up, so I asked: "Is everything okay?  Is this how you envision our relationship to be?".  I didn't get a chance to say much more before the response coming back at me was, "Well, if you want to break up I'm fine with that.  I don't see us together in 10 years, or even 5 years for that matter.".    ... OUCH ...

Did he say those words to hurt me?  I don't know, remember "It doesn't matter".  What I do know is that he wasn't for my highest good  and I was shown that very quickly.  The door wasn't shut in probably one of the best ways it could have been, and  it was shut quickly.  

We shut doors for a reason, and a new one will open.  If you are questioning your relationship and want resolution, I recommend asking for help like I did.   Trust that if the relationship is to be that you will be guided to make it blossom into something beautiful.  But warning: be ready for the door to close if it needs to.  And if it does, then be grateful you aren't wasting anymore time with someone who isn't for your highest good. 

If you are single, then be grateful for the time you have to work on yourself.  Do what brings you happiness.  Find yourself.  Love yourself.  Then when you're ready, the right door to open.

Life happens FOR you, not TO you.  When you're shown the way - listen.  If a door shuts, trust that it shut for a reason.