There is nothing quite like Facebook memories to prove to yourself just how far you’ve come. Mixed in with pictures of my daughter’s big, blue eyes and chubby, toddler cheeks and video’s of my son – featuring a very high, pre-puberty voice – are little reminders of the person I was in the past. Sometimes I don’t recognize her. I cringe at the constant status updates and need for approval from people I barely knew.

A few days ago, I sat staring at one of those status updates and I thought, “How did I get here from there?” A gentle voice in the back of my mind responded, “You just shifted.” This simple statement caught me off guard because it could not be more true. I spent a great deal of my life TRYING to change but never being able to make changes stick. Suddenly, in my early thirties, something happened. I shifted into a new life.

I remember very clearly the first time this happened. Five years ago, I was sitting on my couch at 3:00 a.m. – exhausted, but refusing to go to bed because I couldn’t stand the thought of lying next to my (soon to be ex) husband. I didn’t know how I got to that point. Fear had kept me repeating the same patterns of trying to leave but always coming back for 16 years. In that state of exhaustion, however, was something different. Something I hadn’t felt in years. I was calm. I knew a change was coming. I suddenly knew exactly what I had to do and how to do it. The amount of work it would take to completely change my life was scary, but in that moment, the calm knowing had far more power than fear ever could have. I knew, for the first time in my life, that I was worthy of a love that was worthy of me. I had shifted.

Fast forward a couple years and you would see me broken down by yet another bad relationship. I was still falling into some of the same old patterns that had kept me from happiness in the past. I felt like I had my big break through when I walked away from my marriage and maybe that was all I was going to get. In a moment of desperation, I started looking for someone to do energy work on me. A friend of mine gave me the name of someone they worked with and told me she was the best. I was happy to have a name, but I ended up putting it aside because I thought I had everything under control.

Around that time, the universe threw a lot in my path to let me know that not only are empaths real, but that I am one of them. For years, I thought being an empath meant being psychic – and that, I thought, was not me. But after seeing articles and books about empaths and their attraction to toxic people (one after another after another) I finally did my own research and realized that I had been experiencing all of the signs of being an empath for years. It was a very freeing thought – I’m not crazy! This is real! – and another small shift, preparing me for a better life.

In August of that year, another shift happened that surprised me more than anything else ever has. At that time, I didn’t believe in anything on a spiritual level. I believed that you attracted the kind of energy that you put out, but if you had spoke to me about angels or light beings, I would have smiled and nodded...and tried very hard not to roll my eyes at you! A chance meeting with a woman in Arkansas left me questioning everything I believed in. In a 30 minute conversation with her, I was set on a new path. That path led me to energy healing and meeting Christy, the same energy healer that had been suggested to me six months earlier. But six month earlier, I wasn’t ready for that shift just yet. I fully believe the universe put the woman in Arkansas on my path to open my mind before I made contact with Christy.

After allowing myself to be open to the idea that there is more to life than just what I can see and touch, I couldn’t believe all the experiences I started to have. I also found myself realizing that I had been having some of these experiences for years, I just didn’t realize what was happening. That ringing in my ears had nothing to do with something being wrong with my hearing and everything to do with me hearing the shifts in energy around people and even beings that I can’t actually “see.” Those sparkly, fireworks that I see sometimes...also energy. I had no idea that my spirit was trying to showing me this other magical world for years. 

I am amazed every day at all the wonder and magic in my life and in the world around me. Even more amazing is the fact that all that wonder and magic is inside me, as well. If you are reading this, wishing for a shift in your life, just know that magic lives in you too. Tell yourself that you are worthy of a magical life and they will start flooding in. 

There have been many shifts in my life over the past few years – some slow and subtle; some painfully swift. It’s easy in those moments to let fear creep in and to try and fight the changes that are showing up. The best lesson I’ve learned from all of this is that no matter how it happens, no matter what gets torn apart in the process, there will always be a more beautiful life waiting on the other side of the chaos.

   -  Jami Parker

Jami has trained with Christy, and has received multiple attunements to High Vibration Energy Healing.  You can read more about Jami at

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