I spoke briefly about my journey of removing some of my masks in my blog "The Masts We Wear", and was asked by a dear friend the following questions: 

  • What are ways that we can start removing our masks and stepping into our true self?  
  • How does removing our masks bring us liberation? 

I have many stories about my masks and how I faced them, faced my fears, and my journey, and I will continue to write about  them in the future.  I am a story teller, so by telling my story it will hopefully bring you some clarity in your life, and give you comfort in knowing that you are not alone on this beautiful journey.  

I'm going to start by giving you simple steps.  Spirit has shown me that if I give you my exact journey then I block your own.  Everyones own healing abilities and special gifts are a little different, and if you think my way is the only way then it may block your own healing.

So what are the basic steps?

Step 1 - Make the conscious choice to start down the path of finding your True Self.  I know this sounds obvious, but often times taking the first step is the hardest.  Some people don't really want to know their True Self, and that is okay.  Not all of your friends or family members are going to understand.  It's your individual journey that only you can take and there are times when it can seem lonely.  But if you are serious about finding who you are, you must decide to start and be ready for the rollercoaster ride that will come.

Step 2 - What are your fears?  Have you ever sat down and asked yourself that question?  Do you fear not being loved?  Do you fear that you aren't beautiful enough?  Do you fear death?   Are you aware that you even have fears?  I recommend brainstorming.  When something comes up that makes your stomach ache, when you get butterflies, or when you feel down, recognize them and write them down.  Don't worry about finding all of them right now in this exact moment.  It is a journey and new ones will come up - and that's okay.  

Step 3 - Meditate.  OH  NO - the dreaded Meditation word!!  I know that people are scared of meditation, but why?  Don't be afraid to spend that time with yourself, silencing you mind and listening.  Spirit often says, "Everyone is constantly asking for answers, but nobody ever stops to listen."  With meditation you can silence the monkey mind and start to unravel what you fear, what masks you are wearing, and why.  You can unravel them one by one.  You start to learn your thoughts and how to control them.  You can't get discouraged that you don't get it all figured out in day one or even years from today.  The journey is part of the beauty.  

Let's start with a simple exercise example.  Let's start with death.  (I know, easy right?)   Why are you afraid of death?  Everyone dies - it's guaranteed that your physical body will shut down one day.  So why are we afraid of it?  Go into meditation with the intention of wanting to know why you are afraid of death - then listen to what comes into your head.  It can come in as visions, or you may hear your own voice.  You will probably have lots of thoughts about how and why this exercise is ridiculous.  But by writing down everything that pops in, you start to recognize the thought patterns that are coming up and you become conscious of them.  

Step 4 - Visualize.  While in meditation, I want you to visualize that fear melding into the light within you.  Visualize those dark aspects going into the light and transmuting.  If you aren't a visual person, then feel it.  Feel the energy of the fear moving up out of you - moving out the top of your head.  This may happen easily, or it may take many times doing this.  Integrate the dark into the light however best you find that it works for you.  


4 steps - Sounds so simple, doesn't it?  I know this exercise is broken down very simply, but this is  one of the easiest ways I've found to start on the journey and transmut your fears.  

To simplify even further and explain it in 3 words - Raise your Consciousness.

It's magical that once you get to the root cause of masks and fears and you transmute them into the light - the fear goes away.  Then you aren't weighed down by that anymore, and can move on to work on the next aspect that needs healed.

If you don't know your masks and fears, or if you do and you need help transmuting them, then that is where a Healer you can trust comes into play.  But a Healer can't do all the work for you.   You have to do the work of looking at yourself.  You have to know who you are deep down, so you can decide if you like yourself or not.  If you do, then you become that much closer to your own self love.  If you find you don't like a particular aspect then you can discover why, and possibly choose to change it.

The process of finding yourself is like pealing back layers of an onion.  It takes time.  It takes courage.  You will probably cry.  It takes looking hard at what you want, where you are, and where you want to be. 

Everyones journey is different, and the unmasking is not necessarily easy but it's a beautiful journey of self discovery.  Once you figure out how you best integrate and transmute the easier it will become.


Ok, so what are the benefits?  How does this bring Liberation?

One of the greatest benefits is that if you take the conscious journey to finding your True Self, you move past the lower levels of drama.  You move past the constant struggle that we perceive is going on in our life, and move into a higher state of awareness and acceptance.

Ok, so how does this brings you liberation?  It brings you closer to your True Self - plain and simple.  I found it difficult to fully grasp Liberation until I started to see my True Self manifest, and the drama I once lived in melt away.  Trust is key.

In the most basic simplest form your True Self is within you.  It's much more multidimensional than that, but for simplicity we will start there.  By unmasking those "ego" aspects of yourself, you unravel and rediscover your True Self. 


 If I can do it, you can do it.  I've been at the bottom (deep deep down at the bottom) and have faced many fears.  I can tell you with 100% certainty that once you face your fears you realize there isn't anything to fear.

We don't have to wait for a retreat or a vacation or time off to take steps towards bettering ourselves.  We can take steps every moment of everyday to become a Greater Version of Ourselves.  It takes discipline (a LOT of discipline) but I promise you it is worth it!

I leave you with a couple thoughts:  

  • What you hold onto and think about you manifest and create - so why would you choose fear?
  • Why would you chose to be anyone other than yourself?