So often I have clients who are struggling with past relationships.  They have questions about ex's, or any relationship that ended with open ended questions.  They are holding onto hurt and pain from how the relationship ended.

Maybe it's an ex lover, whom you are wondering why they "fell out of love" with you.  It may be a friend who never calls anymore, or a family member.  Are you wondering if they ever think of you?

Whenever someone has a question as to why a relationship ended, the answer I often get from Spirit is "It doesn't matter".  I can hear you now reading this and saying, "What do you mean it doesn't matter???"

You see - no matter what happened, no matter who's fault it was, it ultimately doesn't matter. That was in the past.  And while we can learn from the past, we mustn't live in it. 

You have your beautiful self right now in the present, and any fear or worry you have about those past relationships are doing nothing more than bringing you down. It is lowering your vibration, and causing you to not live the life you deserve. 

Trust me that if that person is to be in your life then there will come a day that the relationship will be healed.  But don't dwell and spend your time worrying about that.  Be the best person you can be, raise your vibration, and attract new loving relationships.  When old relationships are released, new relationships will come in.  Trust in this! 

So how do you let those relationships go?  Well, there are multiple ways to release.  Releasing the past relationships and hurt is something that happens with Energy Healing, but I also like to empower people to do this themselves. 

One way that I like to recommend, mainly because it is so easy yet very powerful, is to write a letter

Sit down in a quit space and write a letter to that past lover, friend or family member.  Say everything you never got to say to the person.  This is your chance to "get it all out". 

At the end of the letter write the words "I love you, I love myself.  I release you, I release myself.  You are free, I am free."  Then sign the letter. 

Then get a fireproof pot or bowl.  Sit down in a quiet space and have a ceremony.  Tear up the letter and put it in that bowl - and burn it.  (Disclaimer - I recommend doing this outside, and of course safety first). 

When the letter is finished burning give the ashes to Mother Earth (spread them outside), or flush them down the toilet. 

Multiple emotions may come up while doing this exercise.  You may cry, laugh, feel anger, etc.  All of the emotions that come up are a form of release. Don't hold back the feelings! We are emotional beings - we feel emotions and need to let them out and not bottle them up inside.

This small exercise will energetically do more then you can imagine.  It is a symbol to the universe and your Higher Self that you are moving on and no longer will be dragged down or held back.  It's cutting the cords so you can move on.

Doing this will aid in energetically detaching yourself from the drama that no longer serves you. Take back your Power, your thoughts and your emotions!!