One of the Blessings of working with an authentic Healer is that after one, two, or multiple sessions, a person's life may completely flip upside town.  When this happens, there is a period of time that the person will be assimilating their new energy, new surroundings, and new life.  This is something I like to refer to as "Integration".

What is Integration?  To explain in basic terms, after a Healing a person needs time to integrate into the physical world the changes that have occurred energetically.  These changes may be immediate, such as a pain that no longer hurts, or a sadness that is no longer present.  Or the changes may be more subtle and take longer to come into the conscious awareness.  There may also be many questions as to why, how, or what in the world just happened.  

A person can leave after a session and nothing really seems to happen for a day, two days, or even a week.  But then all of a sudden, they start to Recognize things shifting.  The person they were dating no longer feels right. The job they were in no longer resinates for them.  They may start questioning multiple aspects of their reality.

To explain simply - we are energy.  And when energy shifts within us, the illusionary reality we see around us also shifts.  That's Quantum Physics at a macro level.  Obviously it is more complicated, but for all intents and purposes it is simply that.  One's vibration has shifted, and thus the world around them shifts.

A persons Intention(s) coming into a session will Co-Create how their life shifts and thus how one integrates.  If a person wants clarity on their current relationship, and that relationship isn't for their highest good, then that relationship may start to fall away.  This can be painful for the person, and integration may be difficult.  On the other hand, after a Healing a person's vibration may be high enough to attract that job they have always wanted - and thus integration is joyous and exciting.

Integration can be challenging, especially at first.  The person needs to Trust at a new level, and know that everything that is happening and presenting itself is based upon their intentions.  This is why intentions and are so important.  Your Intentions are Co-Creating your reality.  When a person works with me, I always recommend they be precise and as detailed as possible - because you just may get what you ask for :).  If you are not detailed, you may bring in all sorts of funky stuff.

Intentions and integration rarely happen the way the ego mind thinks it will play out.   It is best to keep an open mind and heart, and to trust the process.  The more we can stay in our center and just "be" the easier this becomes.  I have seen times when the ego mind literally will freak out.  The ego mind may be expecting it to happen ASAP versus in the perfect timing that it always plays out in.  Think about it - we have an intention, and before integration even begins we start playing out the scenario in our head as to how things will unfold.  Have you ever wondered why we do this??? 

Manifestation can happen quick with the Tools and energy that are used during a Healing session.  If we look at energy and Quantum Physics again, we can see this more clearly.  To shift a vibration from its "set point" requires a different frequency, and with High Vibration Healing this is possible.  When your vibration shifts, the world around you shifts as well.  Thus, from the ego mind's perspective things are different, and this can possibly put a person at un-ease.  

With High Vibrational Healing, what one receives in the moment will always play out beautifully and in perfect timing.  It's best to Trust and know that you are supported in your Intentions.   I will be holding space for you, and available to answer any questions.

"When a person sets an Intention, the whole Universe conspires to make it a reality".