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Who am I?  My name is Christy AuBuchon, and I am a Healer.  Many may say I am crazy, but I talk to "Spirit" on a continuing basis (which I could argue that everyone does :)).  I see beyond the veil of the five senses we are taught.  I see other dimensions, spirits, angels, and multidimensional beings.  I hear beyond what society tells us we can hear with our ears.  I talk to crystals, plants, animals, multidimensional beings, and Mother Earth.  I am tremendously blessed in that I can see the multidimensional aspects of "dis-ease" and how to heal, guide, and help others transform.  I am a conduit for Healing and Spirit, and I witness miracles on a daily basis.

I didn't always know that I was a Healer and frankly spent much of my life in hiding thinking something was wrong with me.  Growing up in a rural town in the middle of the "Heart Land" of the USA, I didn't feel like I had a warm environment for talking about what I could see or hear around others.  For years I hid who I was, what I saw, heard, or felt.  I followed society and did what I thought I was supposed to do.  I went to college, became an Engineer, and attempted living what I thought was a "normal" life.   I tried to shut down and ignore who I was, but not anymore.  This is who I am - I am a Healer.  

Amethyst Evolved - where did the name come from?  What's the meaning behind the logo?  I was shown a vision of it over a year ago, but wasn't completely sure what I was supposed to do with it at the time.  As my Healing work evolved and I was shown more and more, I was being directed to start teaching and sharing the information I was receiving with others.  The logo symbolizes the  Evolution of Ourselves.  It depicts how through Healing and Raising of our Consciousness we are Blossoming into our Beautiful Higher Selves.  We will rise up out of the lower levels of Consciousness and Transform into our True Selves.  That is what we are here to do - we are here to Raise Consciousness.  The time is Now!

I questioned how I was supposed to take all the information that I was receiving on a daily basis from Spirit and share it to as many people as possible?   How do I start talking about what most people would say is a weird, and crazy life?  How do I possibly explain all of this to others?  Then I got the message -  "Start at the beginning. Start telling your story."  Makes sense, since I am a story teller, and have LOTS of stories to tell.  Through telling my story and sharing what I have seen, been taught, and continue to learn through the healing journey of myself and others, I can reach and help others.  Maybe others can relate?  Maybe this will show others how we can all climb up out of our own illusion, and see how truly beautiful we all are.

I'm going to be honest - when I started thinking about how I should share things, I had this self limiting idea/belief that Healers are supposed to share only love and light and that they all live these perfect lives.  But me having a "perfect" life was far from the truth.  What is "perfect" anyway???  Don't get me wrong - I am tremendously blessed!  I love my life!  But it took a long time to remember how beautiful this life truly is.  It took time, healing, and a lot of lessons to learn how NOT to be a victim in my own life.  I went through struggles, anxiety, depression, drinking, partying, sickness, debilitating back pain, and I could go on and on.   And my love life has been nothing short of a comical TV series.  But all the pain, sacrifices, and struggles led me to who I am now.  I have been led to the Greatest Healers in the world with the intention to heal and to grow my own healing abilities so that I could help others and the planet.  

It's been a journey of healing, reclaiming my personal power, and continually working to evolve into the Greatest Version of my Higher Self.  I've learned first hand that healers on their continuing journey have challenges in their life that mold them into who they are.  And my journey is far from complete.  I've learned to love the journey!  Changing the world isn't external.  It starts with the transformation of ourselves.

So this blog is going to be real.  It will be real because life is real.  There will be stories and examples of what I've learned and continue to learn.  My journey didn't happened over night and is an ever evolving process.  This blog won't be perfect, and it's not going to be all fluff and beauty.  I'm not going to flood it with tons of talk about chakras, "white light", etc. because that information is out on the internet in excess.  I am going to share my life, stories, encouragement, love, and information -  what is shown and shared with me I will share with you.  Do I claim to know it all?  Of course not!  And I can guarantee that as I evolve, my understanding and this blog will evolve as well.  I am a conduit for Healing and of what Spirit wants shared to all who are ready to hear, curious, or feel guided.  It is ever evolving.

I feel it's worth stating that when I refer to the term "Spirit" I'm referring to whatever term you choose - Source, God, the Universe, Higher Self, Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters, etc.  I'm using it as an all encompassing term.

The Spiritual Path isn't a mystery.  It isn't for only the "Chosen Ones".  It isn't tied to a particular Religion.  We are all Spiritual Beings, and it is our right to Evolve into the Greatest Version of our Higher Selves.   It's a path for anyone who is willing, trusting, and ready to step into their True Life Purpose.     

My intention is that Amethyst Evolved brings you Healing, Love, Joy, Laughter, Understanding, Compassion, and ultimately that you will be led to  Raise your Consciousness and bring about Huge Change in your Life.  

As the Amethyst Evolved Logo depicts - May we all Bloom and Transform into the Greatest Version of our Higher Selves.


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