I've always been able to remember this since the beginning of this life...

My memory is that I'm in a place that I feel peaceful and expansive.  I know I am surrounded by loved ones.  I can't see them, but I know that they are family and I can feel immense love all around me.  We are in a place that I can most closely describe as somewhere in outer space with stars all around us.  It is blissful, peaceful, beautiful.  As we are all gathered around together, we are looking down at a beautiful planet - Planet Earth.  It's gorgeous!!!  Full of life, love, and possibilities.  Yet I know that there is help that the Planet needs.  I know that there is big work to do.  I smile and give an acknowledgement to my loved ones and I say with authority, "Let's Do This!!!". 

Next thing I remember, I'm traveling at a very fast speed through what I would describe as a long tunnel.  This tunnel has beautiful white, purple and green colors.  It is spiraling.  When I reach the end I see very bright lights.  I see people I don't know.  Where am I?  What was I supposed to do again?  What was I doing just a moment ago?  I try to talk, but no one hears me.  All that comes out is this loud cry.  People are all around me - people I don't know.  People poking me, wrapping me, holding me, and saying "look how beautiful".  And then I jokingly think to myself, "Crap, here I am again!"

That is the first memory I have of this life.  That memory of looking down on Earth and saying "Let's Do This!" has stuck with me since I was born.  But what did it mean?  Was it real?  What was I supposed to do again? 

Let me tell you - Yes, it was real - very real!  And it took me nearly 33 years to begin remembering.